By Ciara Speller

Janet Mastronardi, 54 of East Greenwich, pled nolo contendere
to embezzlement and elder exploitation after being charged with embezzling almost $130,000 from an elderly woman.

Mastronardi, once a practicing attorney, was given the power of attorney over Jane Jaques in 2005, the 80 year old women she allegedly embezzled from.

Due to Jaques deteriorating health, Mastronardi was appointed as her legal guardian, making her responsible for Jaques’ financial well-being.

Superior Court Justice Walter R. Stone sentenced Mastronardi to seven years with 30 months in home confinement and 54 months suspended with probation.

The state had originally requested the defendant be incarcerated at the ACI some time, but the court agreed to home confinement if the defendant paid the full restitution of $129,107.57 in advance of yesterday’s sentencing.