By: Alexandra Cowley 


Every morning David Laferriere prepares his son's school lunches.

"Sometimes I will be generous with the jelly," he laughed. 

Instead of just PB&J, one school day eight years ago after sealing the sandwiches in their plastic bags, Laferriere got an idea.

"It's like in a sketch book if I had an idea I'd write it down. Well these are my little ideas and my little characters and they've really blossomed over the years too kind of," smiled Laferriere. 

It only takes 3 to 5 minutes. Using his growing collection of sharpie colors, Laferriere brings characters to life on plastic sandwich bags.

"Trying to make them smile and hopefully I do," he said. 

When the seasons change, so do the drawings. Laferriere pulls inspiration from holidays or his kid's latest interests. His boys Kenny and Evan are now 15 and 17. They still look forward to opening their lunches all these years later.

Evan said, "Sometimes I'm having a bad day and I see a stupid face and I just laugh really hard."

The boys would always throw away their bags. So, dad started taking pictures of his artwork and uploading it to Flickr. There , it gained attention from bloggers and really took off. He's gotten millions of hits and is getting featured in magazines.

"I never ever expected that this would be happening now," explained Laferriere. 

Because of all the hype over the bags Laferriere is working with a licensing company to get his characters patented. He's hoping sandwich bag makers will print his work on their product.

But even if that happens, the Attleboro father doesn't plan to stop drawing and creating any time soon.

"I will keep drawing until they tell me to stop," he laughed. 

The characters will be called Kritzels.