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It may be the final round fired in the primary campaign. The National Rifle Association giving it's endorsement to Republican Allan Fung for Governor.

Fung's GOP opponent was graded as a C–minus by the NRA, but Ken Block says he'll support gun owner's rights.

"What I have been very consistently stating all along, is that
Rhode Island
is the 5th most regulated state in the country for guns. We need no new laws, and we will have no new laws that impinge any further on gun owner's rights," said Ken Block, (R) Candidate for RI Governor.

Gubernatorial candidates Gina Raimondo and Angel Taveras were given question marks from NRA, for not returning the questionnaire.

Fellow Democrat Clay Pell was given a grade of "F".

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis said, "Interestingly enough, the person who received the NRA endorsement was the one who declined to talk about it. That being Cranston Mayor and Republican Gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung."

That is perhaps because an NRA endorsement can be a blessing in a primary, but may perhaps turn off key independents in November.

"The NRA support will obviously appeal to conservatives. The question is will it appeal to liberals and most liberals might view it the other way around. They would view it as a stigma for a candidate, rather than a positive point. In a general election, you tend to move towards the center," said Rhode Island College Political Communication Professor Kay Israel.

We may know after Tuesday's primary vote, whether the gun rights issue was a factor in the outcome.