By Dana Griffin


Protests around the country continue as many question the system that justified the shooting of Mike Brown.

Jada Pulley, Brown University student said, "So that people can't really ignore the fact that people are here, that we care about this and that we're basically not gonna stop until there's some form of justice."

Demonstrations included classroom and work walk-outs and "die–ins" at Harvard and Brown University.

As students lay on the ground, they held the names of 30 black people across the country who have allegedly lost their lives due to police brutality.

The signs include their name, age, and date they were killed.

Brown University
allowed students to block the walkway of the main green because they say it's their first amendment right.

"We can't necessarily have a direct impact on Ferguson with this protest but the more people that are aware of what's going on the better chance we have of fixing the system," said protest organizer, Jordan Ferguson.

The demonstration got people looking and talking.

"I agree. I don't know enough about the subject to really do anything about it," said student, Pearson Potts.

Brown junior, Chimezie Udozorh said, "A lot of people feel like racism is over because we have a black president, but that's not the reality. In fact it's really hard to be black in America and we want to raise awareness for that."

Today President Obama met with a newly–formed Ferguson commission, calling for a three–year, $263-million spending package that includes expanded police training programs and adding 50,000 more body cameras for local police officers.

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