By: Melissa Randall


Imagine coming home to find a turkey sitting on your bathroom counter after crashing through a window. It happened to Nancy Page of

“The door was open and I rounded the corner and there was a turkey— sitting on my vanity,” she explained.

The wild bird came crashing through the window last week and created quite a mess. The turkey had accidentally turned on the faucet which ran for hours flooding the room. That's in addition to the glass and feathers that went everywhere.

Page says she wasn't really sure what to do, so she closed the door and called 911.

“My emergency was water gushing through the ceiling... and a turkey in my bathroom,” said Page. “She [the dispatcher] said what? And I said it again and said this really is true.”

Police, fire, and D.E.M came to the rescue. Page captured the birds' removal from the
Algonquin Drive
home on her cell phone. With a little prodding the turkey stands up and takes off completely unharmed.

“Everybody has gotten a really good laugh out of this because it is so comical. No one was hurt so we're real thankful for that,” said Page.

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