Attleboro Police are asking for the public's help in identifying a woman who they say is responsible for multiple check cashing scams in Massachusetts.

"They attempt to disguise themselves with wigs and in this case a very bad fake spray tan," said Det. Michael MacNeil of the Attleboro Police.

The suspect tried to cash a stolen check with a stolen license at the Harbor One Credit Union on Pleasant Street in Attleboro. She used what the police call the “felony lane” which is the drive thru lane farthest away from the bank teller.

"Typically the person will use the far outside lanes at the bank,” said MacNeil. “That way the person can only see them through a camera or the window. It makes it so they aren't as easily identified.”

The checks and IDs are usually stolen through car break–ins and used in multiple locations. Fortunately in Attleboro, the bank's quick thinking paid off.

"The check was denied. The bank tried to get the woman to come inside which she said she would but then she drove off."

These crimes occurred in late April and May and could possibly be part of a nationwide crime group.

"They move from area to area. There is a network of police officers that work together regionally but we've had information from as far away as Tennesse.”

Anyone with information is asked to please contact Attleborro Police by calling 774-203-1886