By: Alexandra Cowley 

It's been over a year since the Lakeview Pavilion wedding venue in Foxboro burned to the ground during a wedding ceremony. It's hard to forget the massive fire that consumed the beloved venue and the heartache it caused dozens of couples who'd been planning to get married there.

The sisters who own the place, still get emotional talking about the original venue. It was built back in 1902. But they're eager to put on many more dream weddings in the new, modern pavilion.

"It was very difficult, it was very hard for my family to see our beloved Lakeview burn to the ground and it was very difficult for us," said owner Anastasia Tsoumbanos. 

The images from that night back in April of last year are burned into the sisters memories.

"I'm just getting emotional I'm sorry," said Tsoumbanos as she wiped away tears. 

Since then, Tsoumbanos and Natalia Kapourelakos have made it their mission to rebuild. They broke ground on the new venue in November and are now putting on the finishing touches for the first wedding to be held there on September 4th.

"We are beyond words," said Kapourelakos. 

Tsoumbanos said, "We are extremely happy, we have been waiting for this day for the past 8 months. We cannot wait for Lakeview pavilion to be alive again."

This multimillion dollar venue is bigger than the last. With two ball rooms, vaulted ceilings, and breathtaking chandeliers bound to make any bride blush.

Jacqueline Khoury and fiancé Christopher Caffrey will tie the knot here on September 13th.

"So really their chandeliers can we talk about that because they are absolutely beautiful and sparkly," laughed Khoury. 

For them, Lakeview was always their first choice.

"When we first started we were like lets get married at Lakeview, oh no it burned down. We said you know what lets give Lakeview a try. Lets see if it's possibly going to be ready for when we want to get married and come to find out it would be ready in September and we just couldn't be happier," said Caffrey. 

Khoury and Caffrey put a lot of trust in the owners, booking before the building was done.

"It was better than what we had expected. We walked in and the high ceilings, it was just beautiful, I was speechless," explained Khoury.

In the first two weeks of its reopening, the Lakeview Pavillion will host six weddings. The sisters say bookings are pouring in.

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