By Ana Bottary


20-year-old East Greenwich native Neil Fachon getting permission to resume an untested cancer treatment, which the FDA had recently "put on hold" due to a reclassifying of the drugs ingredients.
"They knew all of this stuff when they approved the trial, and just sat on it, it seems until they decided oh my lets talk to these folks and tell them nothings a go now that they have someone enrolled,"says Dean Fachon, Neil's father.
Neil Fachons parents tell us, their son was studying engineering at Northeastern University, when diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma or DIPG, back in march. Doctors told Neil and his family that it was terminal. Neil searched out an alternative FDA-approved clinical trial by the Burzynski Research Institute out of Texas.

"We looked at several clinical trials as well, and of the bunch  the Burzynski clinics record of having success with cancers of this sort," says Dean.
According to court documents Abc6 news obtained, the clinical trial was put on hold, not knowing anyone was enrolled at the time. However, Neil signed paperwork to continue. Despite 11 days of treatment, and feeling "significantly better", the FDA came back telling the clinics head doctor, Dr. Burzysnski to stop by May 3rd.
But a federal judge ruled in favor of Neil. We asked his parents why?

"Neil signed the paperwork enrolling in the trial which says, a side affect of participating in a clinical trial could be death,"says Dean.

"What do you have to loose? When your in a situation like his,"adds Neil's mom Wendy.

According to an article published by Newsweek back in February, over the years, Burzynski has been the subject of numerous investigations and legal proceedings, brought by grand juries, the FDA and the Texas medical board. People also accuse him of selling false hope to vulnerable people.
But, the Fachons are keeping their faith.

"We are very hopeful that he is going to continue showing progress and maybe we will facilitate a miracle."

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