BOSTON (AP) - A lawsuit says representatives of some of the nation's largest generic drug manufacturers used code words to collude with competitors to divvy up market share and coordinate price increases. The federal lawsuit released in full Monday says the representatives used phrases like "playing nice in the sandbox" and "fluff pricing" in emails to each other. The lawsuit was filed last month by attorneys general from more than 40 states.

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - The driver of a truck in a crash that killed seven motorcyclists is being returned to New Hampshire to face charges of negligent homicide. Volodymyr Zhukovskyy was handed over to New Hampshire authorities after a brief court appearance in Springfield, Massachusetts, on Monday. The 23-year-old looked down at his feet as he was led into the courtroom with his hands cuffed behind his back.

CHARLESTOWN, R.I. (AP) - The suspect in the shooting death of a woman in the parking lot of a Massachusetts shopping center has died of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound. Authorities say 32-year-old Steven Fregeolle was found at about 6:30 p.m. Sunday in the Francis C. Carter Memorial Preserve in Charlestown, Rhode Island with a handgun next to his body. He was suspected of shooting 37-year-old Brandi Berg in a North Attleborough shopping center Saturday evening.

BOSTON (AP) - Massachusetts gas prices continue to drop. AAA Northeast said Monday that the average cost of a gallon of self-serve, regular has fallen to $2.64, 3 cents lower than a week ago. The Massachusetts price is 2 cents lower than the national average for the same grade, and 23 cents lower than the Bay State price a year ago.

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