By: Liz Tufts

The playgrounds outside of elementary schools across the state are packed at recess this year.

In July,  Governor Raimondo signing the school recess legislation into law requiring kindergarten through 5th grade public school students to get at least 20 minutes of free–play recess during the day.

Through a grant by blue cross blue shield, six Providence schools started the play works program by adding more structure and ruless to normal recess time.

“When they have a chance to have some structure play that's outside the classroom, they're learning how to get along with each other, they're learning about friendships, they're learning about conflict resolution. We find that there's les aggression, “ says Laura Hart, Director of Communications for Providence Public Schools.

A study done last year in Rhode Island found only 18 percent of the 90 public and private schools surveyed offered between 20 and 30 minutes of recess every day.