Ana Bottary

COVENTRY- Karrie West is a Rhode Island native and mother of three. She has seen first hand that the spirit of giving is alive and well this holiday season. When she went to pay her $200 dollar lay-a-way bill at Benny's in Coventry, they told her there was no balance.
"I didn't even react I was so shocked, I didn't understand it at first. I was with my aunt and she was like no, you have like a secret Santa!," West says.

West's daughter was also pleasantly surprised by the gesture.

"That many gifts, I was like really? Someone just did that for nothing in return?"

West says when she is not spending her time volunteering at her friends grooming salon, she's been out shopping. Since September, she's been buying not only Christmas presents, but birthday presents as well.

"We did Christmas Eve baby, and we have a January 20th baby, so this isn't just Christmas it's birthday too. So, it was a huge help. Having them all at the same time fun," says West.

Benny's says they have had all kinds of lay-a-way angels popping up at their stores and say there tends to be an increase in it during the holiday season. West says this kind gesture is something she and her family won't soon forget.

"It put us into the Christmas spirit, and just to know that people just give. We've been paying it forward as much as we can so we are just so grateful."

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