By: News Staff

EAST GREENWICH, R.I. – Austin Almeida, 21, of East Greenwich was charged Monday with sexual assault and narcotics charges after more than $30,000 worth of cocaine, marijuana and amphetamines were seized from his home by Rhode Island State Police.

The charges against Almeida are:

  • Two (2) counts of 1st Degree Sexual Assault.
  • One (1) count of 3rd Degree Sexual Assault.
  • One (1) count of Purchase/Procurement of Alcohol for a Minor.
  • One (1) count of Possession of One (1) Ounce to One (1) Kilogram of Cocaine.
  • One (1) count of Possession with Intent to Deliver Schedule II drug (Adderall).
  • One (1) count of Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana.

Detective Commander, Major Dennis Fleming, said Almeida was originally arrested on a warrant stemming from allegations that he had sex with a 15-year-old girl, violating the law that states the age of consent is 16. Almeida also allegedly forced the girl to have sex without her consent on at least two occasions.

While officers were arresting Almeida, they noticed a digital scale and large amounts of marijuana in view. They then obtained a search warrant for the home, and seized approximately 36 grams of cocaine, 468 grams of marijuana, 327 Adderall pills, and $32,670. The value of the narcotics is estimated at $13,000.

Almeida was arraigned Monday and held without bail on the charges and for violating probation. He was also ordered to not contact the victim.

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