By: Chloe Leshner


A man who admitted to murdering a Woonsocket woman more than 30 years ago is set to be released on parole after serving 32 years of a life sentence. Tonight, family members of the victim gathered for a vigil.

Family and friends of Kathy Demers still mourning after her brutal murder 32 years ago are now enraged that the man who admitted to murdering her will be released from prison.

"She was fun, she had a lot a lot of friends," says her older sister Donna Maddock

After serving only 32 years of a life sentence, Daniel Boucher, Demers' boyfriend and the man who admitted to murdering her, will be released from prison.

"Her body was found in that dam on March 9. She was murdered on January 1. So it took me 12 years before I could drive by that and I lived in Woonsocket and now hes going to get out and be free and I'm not free? It's not fair," says Maddock through tears.

Loved ones drop 32 roses into the dam where her body was found, their way of protesting her murderer's release.

"He got life. He should be in there for life my sister isn't coming home," says Maddock.

Advocates with the non profit group Alliance for Safe Communities worry early releases are becoming a trend.

"At what point do our elected officials listen and address victims and listen to victims rather than whats been a switch in policy and now the criminals are the victims and all of a sudden we owe them something here," says Carolyn Medeiros.

Boucher is expected to be released July 1.

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