By Kirsten Glavin


FALL RIVER, MA – Fall River police officer Michael Malek appeared in court handcuffed, Friday, after he was arrested for assaulting a female relative at his home in Freetown on Wednesday.

According to court testimony, neighbors first heard screams for help coming from inside the house Wednesday night and called 9–1–1.

A responding Freetown Police Officer took the stand in court, and told a judge he entered Malek’s home and immediately heard the frantic screams.

"I could make out, ‘please no, not again, stop,’" he said.  He added that he saw Malek had pinned down the woman with her skirt above her waist.  Malek’s body positioning led police to add an assault to commit rape charge, but Friday it was dropped.

Malek reportedly told police the woman was drunk and he was trying to stop her from taking medication.

"He claimed that she was crazy,” the Freetown Police officer testified.

Neighbors told a judge that the woman was drunk earlier in the day.  One female neighbor said she saw the woman hop a fence and cut her head from falling in their yard. 

"We noticed that she was a little drunk,” said the neighbor. "She had a glass of wine in her hand."

After the incident police found weapons in Malek's  house. This led to additional charges.

Malek now faces one count of assault and battery on a family member, one count for disturbing the peace, and six counts of improper storage of a firearm. He was released on personal recognizance Friday afternoon.