By: Chloe Leshner


MIDDLETOWN, R.I. (WLNE) -- Jose is churning out in the Atlantic, but we're feeling the impacts here in Rhode Island. The hurricane causing huge waves and a rip current risk at some of our local beaches today.

You could certainly see the impact Jose is having at the beach today but it led surfers to flock to Middletown many telling me the conditions were actually perfect for them, with waves as big as 8 feet.

Surfer after surfer paddles into the ocean at Sachuest Beach, hoping to catch the huge waves Jose is causing as it heads up the East Coast.

"The bigger ones I would say are around 8 feet, like the face is 8 feet and it gets pretty scary when it wells up behind you but it's fun at the same time when you get a good ride," says Lily Bui, who came from Somerville, Massachusetts for the waves.

The conditions so perfect for surfers, many traveled to chase the swell. One group all the way from Canada.

"We slept in the back of the pickup in a McDonald's parking lot last night and kept driving this morning and we're here for 2 or 3 days," says Sebastian Langelier from Montreal.

But the waters could also be dangerous, there was a rip current advisory out today and lifeguards are no longer on duty at most beaches.

"I wouldn't go out if I was a beginner today but for someone who's been surfing for a little bit and knows when to wait and when to go, I think that's the kind of crowd that outs here right now," says Bui.

Several families were also taking advantage of the last few days of summer, many though more cautious of the waters.

"The rip current is a bit of a challenge, [my son] got pulled under and scrapped his knee a little bit but we just thought we'd stay where the waves are small and we'd be okay over there. We were just body surfing so it's a little easier than trying to manage a board," says Kristin White of Portsmouth.

"The bigger waves are a lot more fun than the days where its more flat," adds her son Henry.

5 people in Narragansett were knocked off of the jetti and into the water this afternoon, police say they were all rescued and their injuries are only minor but officials are telling people to stay off the rocks.

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