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EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I (WLNE) — East Providence police are investigating after a little girl found a clear plastic bag with four adderall pills mixed in with her Halloween candy.

“It was right on top of my 8-year-old's bag of candy. Nobody in my house has it so we knew it came from  the trick or treating,” said Cody Nonnenmacher.

He says his other 8-year old actually discovered the pills the day after Halloween.

“She's the one that noticed it. They are very conscious of what pills look like versus candy. So, she's the one who said hey this doesn't look right,” said Nonnenmacher.

The family took the drugs to East Providence police and filed a report.

“Right now at this point in the investigation we don't think it was intentionally put in there,” said Capt. Christopher Francesconi. “We do think it was accidentally put in there, none the less it's still a huge risk.”

Police are working to track down where the adderall came from, but say it is difficult.

“We're looking at a several block radius in which there were multiple children in the group and multiple houses,” said Francesconi.

Nonnenmacher hopes other people hear what happened to his family and really take the time to check their kids candy every Halloween.

“It doesn't hurt to take five minutes to go through the candy,” said Nonnenmacher.

East Providence Police say this is the only report of drugs in candy they received this year.

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