By: Tim Studebaker

CRANSTON, R.I. – Last week's winter wallop is still causing problems for cities and towns, and now there's a new concern.  With heavy rain in the forecast, clogged storm drains could spell trouble as flooding becomes an issue.

Cranston Mayor Allan Fung (R) says, “Just living with this brutal winter from the deep freeze now to the anticipated heavy rains that are going to be coming,  our highway crews have been out and about since Monday clearing many of the storm drains.”

If storm drains were to remain buried in snow, runoff from the melting snow combined with the upcoming heavy rain would have nowhere to go.

Cranston is focusing on low lying areas, which are often trouble spots during heavy rain, like where Haven Avenue and Cranston Street come together.

Mayor Fung says, “You see the pitch of the road.  A lot of the waters come straight down into that basin.  So whatever we can do to clear those drains, keep them as open as possible.”

That isn’t the only low lying area of concern.

Cranston’s Highway Superintendent John Corso says, “We got a low spot on Wilbur Avenue under the train trestle. That's always an issue with water.  We got the Amanda Street neighborhood. We know most of them that are the big problems, so we're going to attack them. And if anything comes along during the storm, we'll address it then.”

The city says they'll get as many drains as they can, but there is a way you can help.

Corso says, “If it's right in front of your place, if you're able to do it - healthy enough - just clean it off.  It'll be a big help.”

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