By: Chloe Leshner


PROVIDENCE (WLNE) -- Nationwide, the women's marches drew huge crowds and here in Rhode Island, thousands of people gathered on the State House lawn to celebrate women.

Thousands of voices coming together to call for a change.

"If we want change we have to show up and we have to be here and share our voice," says Leah Benjamin.

And send the message that women and all people deserve equal rights and opportunities.

"There's always a philosophy about equality and I don't think we've reached that. I think our laws are being taken from us now again," says Dale Brown.

The current administration was a big talking point for many of the speakers at the 2018 women's march in Providence and many signs in the crowd referenced President Trump.

A lot of participants are looking towards this year's elections to bring some change.

"It's really important to support the women who are planning to run in 2018 and take back the house and the senate," says Libby Slader.

But for others the march isn't about politics at all, it's about working together to make a change to the way society looks at marginalized groups.

"Sometimes their issues are lumped as separate issues away from women's issues, rather than seeing reproductive rights as this thing that is essential for black women and trans people as central to their rights," says Justice Gaines.

One thing everyone can agree on, there's a lot of work to be done.

"It's wonderful to be in a place where you feel empowered and where you feel supported and know you're not alone," says Slader.

Organizations were also collecting donations for women in need at today's rally.

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