In February, ABC6 aired a series of special reports examining the severity of the opioid epidemic in Southern New England.  Over the course of two weeks, ABC6 featured a new segment each night that delved into an aspect of this multifaceted problem: what these drugs are, where they come from, how they are devastating families from every income bracket in every community, how addiction consumes lives, and what resources are out there for those in need of help.

The series culminated with a one-hour Town Hall program that brought together parents, students, mental health and addiction experts, law enforcement officials, recovering addicts, and other concerned members of communities from across Southern New England.  The goal of this special program was to not only raise awareness about the Opioid Crisis, but also to provide answers, generate ideas, and help shed the stigma that so often overshadows efforts to combat the epidemic.  The program was produced and recorded on Monday, February 19, originally broadcast on Tuesday, February 20, and given an encore broadcast on Saturday, February 24.