By: Scott Cook


The Rhode Island Department of Transportation is getting ready to take on Tuesday's storm.

The DOT is planning on sending crews home early this afternoon, so they can call them back early Tuesday morning when the snow starts to fall.

The department has 140 of their own plows ready to go and another 450 private contractors on stand by if they need them. They also tell ABC 6 they have a full salt supply.

This is third storm the department is dealing with in less than 3 weeks, but regardless they say they are ready for whatever Mother Nature brings.

"We are later in the season,” said Peter Alviti, Director of the Rhode Island Department of Transportation.

“We have had 22 storms. Our crews are well practiced during the season, but it is the season end and you are judged by how you do in play–offs.” Alviti continued, “So we are going to make sure that we are out there in force and doing the right things."

The DOT is also calling in tree crews, as they anticipate heavy wet snow. Drifting snow could be a problem Tuesday morning, so they are urging drivers to use extra caution.

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