By: Tim Studebaker

GREENE, COVENTRY, R.I. – Whether it was storm number 1, 2, 3, or a combination, so many of us have lost power at some point in the past two weeks.

Coventry was one of the areas hardest hit by this most recent storm.  Emile Martin lost his power Tuesday.

Martin says, "It went out last night around 6:30.  I've been living here over 50 years in this house, so I'm kind of used to weathering these storms.”

Emile was one of many in Coventry still without power a day later.  According to National Grid, more than 2,000 customers in Coventry were still in the dark Wednesday afternoon.  Somehow, this part of Coventry had been spared in the first two storms.

Martin says, "We got lucky."

This time around, this area’s luck ran out.

George Graves, a resident of the Coventry village of Greene says, "This storm, we did lose the power.”

The culprit, as in so many other cases, strong winds brought down trees which took out power lines.

Graves says, "Lot of trees.  Lot of trees down.  I had to take a separate way home last night, just to get back home.  It was about a half hour out of the way.”

When he got home, he had no lights.  National Grid had estimated he wouldn’t get back online until 11:00pm Wednesday, at the earliest.  With that type of news, one could imagine Graves was thankful he has a generator.

Graves says, "You have to be ready out here.  When you're out this far, you have to be prepared.  And if not, you'll go without power.”

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