By: Scott Cook


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TAUNTON, M.A. (WLNE) -- To one local woman, the Taunton Bertucci's was more than a restaurant; It was a memorial to her late husband who was killed in the rampage there nearly two years ago.

With the chain filing for bankruptcy and closing that location, she is now getting a piece of the restaurant to keep that memory alive.

A bar stool was the last item remaining in place at the now–closed Taunton Bertucci's.

"I love coming in here,” said Rosemary Heath, widow of rampage hero George Heath. “This is part of who George and I were. Every time we came to the movies we came to Bertucci's first."

The stool, seat number four at the bar, was dedicated in George Heath's honor, after he saved a pregnant woman from a knife–wielding suspect in a stabbing rampage.

"We usually sat down at the end of the bar so we could see who was coming in the door,” Rosemary explained.

“George liked to see who was around -- he was a social butterfly. But someone was standing up paying where we usually sat so we ended up sitting at seats 3 and 4. It was probably the first time we sat in those seats.”

It was also the last time.

George Heath died from the stab wounds he sustained while performing his heroic act.

Bertucci's then dedicated the stool to him, even putting a plaque on it so George's bravery would not be forgotten.

"To know that they honored him by putting his chair there for people to sit in and know that someone gave his life for a good thing – the baby lived, she lived – to me it's a proud thing," said Rosemary.

Tuesday morning, Bertucci's gave the bar stool to an emotional Rosemary Heath, so she could take it home and remember the last time she saw her husband.

"This is where George and I had our last act together. I mean we didn't talk to each other when it happened. We just both stood up,” she explained.

“And if it was going anywhere, it should go in my home. Absolutely. I am thrilled that they were kind enough to do this for me."

After a quick drive from Bertucci's to the Heath residence in Taunton, the stool is finally home for good.

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