A spike in home invasions over the last two weeks has residents in East Greenwich looking over their shoulder Tuesday Night.

Police said four burglaries were reported, with one of the homes hit by a man arrested by Coventry Police last week.

The other three raids appear to be connected. Police said the thieves were dressed in masks and gloves and were armed with flashlights.

Authorities said they used a ladder to enter two of the homes on the second floor.

"We don't even need to lock the doors that much around here. That's the way I felt but now with all these break-ins, now I obviously have a little different out look on that," said Douglas Hodges, a neighbor from a nearby home invasion. "I don't know if they're clever or brazen or what."

Neighbors are now taking extra precautions as news spread quickly around the community.

"I make sure my alarms are on in the house which I didn't used to do. And I make sure my gun is well loaded," said Bob Pine, another neighbor. "If they come in my house, they're staying."

Police are asking residents to remain vigilant and contact authorities with reports of any suspicious activity.