A new law signed by Governor Raimondo now prohibits smoking e-cigarettes and vaping in public workplaces.

The new law was an amendment to a 2005 law that did the same for smoking cigarettes. Now with the new provisions, anywhere that you couldn't smoke traditional cigarettes, you can't puff on electronic cigarettes.

Joseph Wendelken, spokesperson for the Rhode Island Department of Health, said the new law aims to remove any potential health risks that could arise from second hand smoke.

"There is an emission. There are aerosols and those aerosols have been shown to contain dangerous chemicals," he said. "There are studies underway now about the long term health effects of e-cigarettes but a lot of that information we just don't have yet."

But the law does have its critics, like owner of the Black Duck Tavern and Comedy Connection in East Providence, Cory Brailsford.

"It seems they fixed a problem that didn't exist. I would never go into a restaurant and vape myself," Brailsford said.

Brailsford said even he never allowed e-cigarettes in his club and restaurant because he thinks it's bad for business.

Meanwhile, vape shop owners like David Cervone of TVLRI in Providence believes lawmakers should not cluster e-cigarettes with traditional cigarettes.

"We need to look at vaporization as something completely different and do actual research and not associate it with smoking and regulate it as its own independent thing," Cervone said.

The law does have its exemptions, like allowing customers to puff inside at specialized shops like Cervone's.