By John Krinjak


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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) -- Two very calm and smart 911 dispatchers may have saved the life of a woman having a diabetic episode while driving in Providence.

It all started just before 10:30 on the night of June 22nd.

State Police dispatchers Jon Desmaris and Steven Castaldi got a frantic call from a man named Michael, after his girlfriend didn't show up for dinner in Providence.

"My girlfriend has diabetes, and her sugar went low while she was driving. She's like lost and confused, like on the side of the road somewhere," Michael said in that 911 call. 

Desmaris called Kasey on her cell phone. To his relief she answered, but was disoriented.

Desmaris was able to get Kasey to pull over and out of harm's way, but soon after that she stopped responding.

"I didn't want to hang up, because I knew she was in a diabetic emergency, and if she was unconscious we can leave the line open so we can call the cell phone carrier to get the ping," said Desmaris. 

Dispatcher Steven Castaldi called AT&T to get Kasey's location, and alerted local police to be on the lookout for her.

"We're still on the line with this female. She might be unconscious in a RAV4," said Castaldi. 

It was here on Wallace Street in Providence where police finally found Kasey, safe and sound by police. Kasey was taken to Rhode Island hospital for treatment. We're told she's doing just fine.

Castaldi and Desmaris say it feels good that they were able to find Kasey and get her help, but that it's all part of the job.

"We just knew what to do, just trained for it," said Desmaris. 

"We rely on our training and our teamwork," said Castaldi. "We're a big team."

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