By John Krinjak


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WEST WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) -- They call it the "Brawl for It All." 20 regular guys, with 10 real-life grudges to settle. But instead of taking it outside, they're taking it inside--as in inside the boxing ring! And Friday night was fight night. 

"There was a little beef between us. It was nothing major but just a small money dispute. We settled it in the ring and now we're just going to go our separate ways," said fighter Michael Cook. 

They're settling their scores at the West Warwick Civic Center in front of a live audience.

"Anybody can do this. Doesn't matter how old you are, what your background is, it's an opportunity to get in there and dispute in a good environment, and when it's all done we look for them to shake hands," said co-owner Richard Cappiello. 

If you think these guys just come in off the streets and duke it out, think again.

"He gets up at 6, we're in the gym at 6:30, by 7 he's in the ring punching it out with one of the other guys, skipping rope, treadmill, strength training, just like a fighter would do," said Cook's trainer Steve Cruel. 

Just in case things aren't totally settled in the ring, police are waiting right outside. While critics might say this promotes violence, these fighters tell me resolving disputes here are much safer than the alternative.

"Keeps everyone out of trouble and it gets people in the gym working out, doing the right thing, and we settle it the right way instead of getting police involved," said Cook."
"After that fight, all the effort that these guys put in, they have a mutual respect for each other," said co-owner Jarrod Tillinghast. 

Our cameras weren't the only ones inside the arena Friday night. This real-life fight club could actually become a reality show. Crews shot a pilot for it Friday night, so stay tuned. 

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