By: Scott Cook

Twitter: @JScottCook

WORCESTER, M.A. (WLNE) -- If the PawSox opt to become the Woo–Sox, their proposed location for their new stadium, may be an issue.

According to reports from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the Wyman-Gordon site in Worcester’s Canal District, has a history of industrial contamination.

The reports document pollutants, including hydraulic fluid, oil, lead, arsenic, and other dangerous chemicals found on the grounds.

Because the land hasn't been re–developed, the government has allowed the chemicals to remain.

But in order to build a stadium there, added time and money would have to be spent cleaning the chemical residue up.

That process could jeopardize the Pawsox's firm deadline of April 2021 to open a new ballpark.

Worcester's city manager, Ed Augustus, declined to comment to ABC6 on the issue, as did the team.

A press secretary for Pawtucket mayor, Don Grebien, said the city is aware of the reports but would not address them directly, adding, "The Slater Mill location in Pawtucket is the only suitable location for the new home of the PawSox."

According to the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, environmental clean up has already been done at the Slater Mill site, and no additional work would be needed if the land was re-developed for a stadium.

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