After a feisty campaign for the democratic nomination for lieutenant governor, incumbent Dan McKee squeezed out the win in a tight race against Rep. Aaron Regunberg.

Despite an endorsement from Bernie Sanders, Regunberg called McKee to concede after a slim margin began to widen for the incumbent McKee, beating out the progressive by about 2,400 votes.

McKee spoke to his supporters before the race was called, and said his honesty to the people of Rhode Island is what made the difference in this campaign.

"This is something people really understand, to have someone who has the background and success record as I am [sic]," McKee said. "I think that's the spread."

In a statement, Regunberg announced his endorsement for McKee.

"He has given 20 years of his life to public service, and I know he can work to further the success of our state," Regunberg said. "We knew that this campaign was not going to be easy. We knew we were up against some powerful interests. But tonight, the people of Rhode Island sent a message that our movement, that our fight, that our voices cannot be ignored."

McKee will now face off against the lone Republican challenger Paul Pence, a newcomer to the political landscape.

Pence told ABC 6 that despite who won the nomination, a new face was needed in office.

"It's time to get someone who is a change agent in there and not a career politician that does the same thing over and over and over again and basically takes a four year vacation," Pence said.