By: Liz Tufts

Twitter: @ABC6


CHEPACHET, R.I. (WLNE) – New technology is connecting families to farm fresh food with a tap of a finger. The "WhatsGood” App now allows consumers to order food from a variety local farms and have it delivered to their front door.

ABC6 spoke with Will Morin and Samantha Zallone at their farm in Chepachet Monday where they got orders ready for their customers on the “WhatsGood” app.

“To be able to connect with other people in other cities and towns we wouldn't be able to,” said Vallone.

The technology is gives people access to their favorite farms products without having to go there, bring convenience and connecting the community.

To use the WhatsGood App, one must first download it on a smart phone, then choose the farm and the products you want to pick. The choices vary from chicken, eggs, veggies, to stuffies and even homemade clam chowder, depending on the farm.

Farmers like Morin and Vallone will get your order ready and have it delivered to your front door.

The technology was created in 2015 by Matt Tortora, a local chef who wanted to connect farmers with restaurants and he has now expanded the service to all consumers.

 “They don't have a giant staff and the ability to go out there and find new customers so we are taking on that burden and creating a new relationship between technology and the farmers in Rhode Island,” said Tortora.

Morin and Vallone have been working with the WhatsGood app for a few months and they're already starting to see a big growth in their business.

The "WhatsGood App" is now active in about 40 states and it is free to download. For more information on how to use the app, click here.



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