PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) –  The future of schools in Rhode Island will be decided on by voters in less than a month. It's all but certain to pass. Our polling shows the $250-million bond for school improvements is a home run with voters.

It's not surprising most Rhode Islanders would want to help improve schools. 77 percent of likely voters polled say they'll vote "yes" on question 1. The voters aren't the only ones who love it, all 3 gubernatorial candidates support it as well.

Schools across the state are in urgent need of upgrades. A move to improve those aging schools is likely to come shortly.

More than two thirds of voters say they'll vote to pass the $250-million bond issue for school repairs. 12-percent would vote no.

"Experience has shown that if people say they're unsure about voting for this sort of a bond issue, they typically vote against it. But since 77% are favoring it, it's going to be awfully difficult for this to be blocked,” says Andrew Smith with University of New Hampshire.  

Governor Raimondo got the bond on the ballot, she says it's a once in a generation investment.

"I’m thrilled about that. Every kid deserves to be able to go to a school that's warm and safe and dry. Every teacher should teacher in a school that's warm and safe and dry,” she said in response to the poll.

Republican gubernatorial candidate, Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, says he's also voting yes on the school bond but wants to make sure every school will benefit and districts manage upkeep in the future.

"We can't be in a condition where every so many years, so many generations, we're borrowing these huge amounts of dollars for once in a lifetime projects. This has got to stop there has to be a continued maintenance component in every community," says Mayor Fung.

Independent Joe Trillo has gone on the record as a supporter of the the bond, ABC 6 News reached out to him today for a comment on the poll results and never heard back.

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