SEEKONK, Mass. (WLNE) - The town of Seekonk is holding a special election to determine whether to ban recreational marijuana stores.
If approved, the measure would ban not only the stores, but also marijuana cultivators, manufacturers - any non-medical establishment.
"You've got enough problems with drunk driving and that going on," commented Bill Fischer, who supports the proposed ban. "What do you think is going to happen with people smoking this stuff."
Interest in these pot shops is growing. There are 21 applications for marijuana licenses for businesses in four Bristol County communities - Fall River, Somerset, Attleboro and Berkley.
"It doesn't make sense to send people out and give money somewhere else when we could be benefiting from it - jobs and extra things like that too," said Jen Sauerlinder, who opposes the ban.
When it comes to marijuana revenue, the state takes in 17-percent in taxes, then there is an optional 3-percent tax for cities and towns.
Massachusetts' first two pot shops topped $2-million in sales in the first week. "It's a significant amount of money," George McCormick, who is against the proposal, said. "So I think it could solve a lot of different problems at the same time."

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