By: Amanda Pitts


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) -- A North Providence woman battling stage 4 breast cancer got the surprise of a lifetime Thursday when she was gifted tickets to see her idol, Bruce Springsteen, on Broadway.

"He's always been my number one man. He's my husband!"

Jane Matheson has been a Springsteen super-fan since she was 17. Now 61, she's been undergoing cancer treatments at Rhode Island Hospital for the past nine years.

"All these people here I consider my family," said Matheson.

It's that family that heard Matheson talk about wanting tickets to see Bruce in the flesh at his concert residency in New York City, Springsteen on Broadway.

Matheson's doctors got the ball rolling, and she wrote a letter to the Dream Foundation, an organization that grants the wishes of adults with illnesses.

The foundation called Matheson to tell her the good news, that they found tickets to the show, and are paying for a weekend-long hotel stay in the city.

"Naturally, I was screaming and yelling!"

This weekend's trip will be her first time visiting the Big Apple. She's hoping to meet Bruce, and show him her tattoo of his lyrics, "I believe in the faith that can save me".

Matheson said his music is what helps her most in her toughest times.

"When I have to go through these god awful tests, the only thing I think about at the time is his songs."

She's set to take off on her trip on Friday, December 7th. In addition to the concert, she said she plans to stop by Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall.

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