ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WLNE) -- The City of Attleboro is making plans to beef up security in its schools. They're looking into software that detects when a gun goes off and can share life saving information with police instantly.

Attleboro schools already have several measures in place to keep the buildings secure and students safe. But if something were to happen, when seconds could save lives, this system would immediately call police and give them information on what type of gun is being used and where exactly a shooter is.

Attleboro schools should feel like a second home for students where they don’t have to worry about school shootings.

"I think we're all saddened by that reality but there are things we can do that make students realize that we are focused on their safety,” says Superintendent David Sawyer.

That's why the city is exploring installing gunshot detection systems in all of its schools.

"It measures the acoustics of the sound of the bullet breaking through the air so it can also detect what type of caliber gun is being fired, where in the school it’s being fired, and it could tell you also if a shooter is continuing to shoot going down a hallway," says Mayor Paul Heroux.

The most important feature in the eyes of school officials is that it immediately calls police and sends a text to every on duty police officer.

"The average response time nationally is longer than the average length of an incident. That sort of delta is a concern for us,” says Sawyer.

For security reasons they won't say what the system looks like but it wouldn't be any more intrusive than safety measures already in place and students likely wouldn't even notice.

"We have to try and strike a balance because students don't want to feel like they're in a prison,” says Sawyer.

But this type of technology doesn't come cheap. Mayor Heroux plans to go to the city council for funding.

"It’s a high priority of mine because of the consequence of not doing something,” says Heroux.

No schools in the area have this technology although the City of New Bedford has a similar system police say has been working well for them.

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