PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) -- This Sunday night has been anything but quiet across Southern New England. Drivers have been dealing with plummeting temperatures, leading to dangerously icy roads.

"It's really dangerous, not easy to drive. They need to put more salt or something," said Adrianna Gaviria of North Providence.

Rhode Island State Police reported more than 40 crashes Sunday.

"Everyone's pretty busy, particularly in the northern area of the state," said Rhode Island State Police Sgt. Greg Cunningham.

On Route 10 north in Cranston Sunday afternoon, three vehicles piled up on the icy roadway.

Thankfully, there were no injuries in any of these wrecks, but police urge drivers to keep speeds down overnight.

"People that have four-wheel drive vehicles or SUVs, perhaps they're great in the snow, but it doesn't mean that they stop any better on the ice than any other car on the road. so please, everybody just needs to slow down, take your time," said Sgt. Cunningham.

In Providence, Patriots fans braved the icy roads.

"It wasn't bad, but out here it's getting much icier. I came about an hour before the game," said Rick Varner of North Smithfield.

A big crowd packed Snookers to cheer on the Pats, saying a little winter weather won't stop them.

"Yeah, it's very icy, very slick, but they did a good job sanding. so good enough for us to come out and definitely cheer on the Patriots. we'll come through any weather to come out," said Keri Varner.

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