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FALL RIVER, Mass. (WLNE) — Commitment and some artistic flair finally paid off for students and faculty at Bristol Community College.

These two new portraits of Holocaust victim Anne Frank and survivor Stephan Ross were unveiled on campus Monday.

The portraits are made entirely from buttons.

Over the past 5 months, students sorted through hundreds of thousands of buttons to find the right colors.

The tricky part was trying to see how the mosaic was turning out as students worked on it.

 “To view how we were doing on it, you had to stand on a chair and take pictures down so you could evaluate,” said Marisa Millard, a Professor of Graphic Design at BCC. “Normally, if it were a regular painting like oil paint, it would be on an easel and you'd step back and take a look to see how it is. In this case, we had to look down because we couldn't move them.”

The project was a collaborative effort between the school and its Holocaust Center.

They collected 1,500,000 buttons, representing the number of Jewish children who lost their lives during the holocaust.

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