By: Amanda Pitts


SCITUATE, R.I. (WLNE) - The former owner of Bonniedale Farm is in hot water yet again.

Dan Mackenzie was arrested and charged Tuesday night with four counts of animal cruelty for mistreating his pigs.

"We're doing our job. Mr. MacKenzie should do his job and care and treat his animals properly."

Dr. EJ Finocchio of the RISPCA said they received a complaint last week that two pigs at a property in Scituate were being mistreated.

They were found to not have proper shelter, bedding, and may not have been fed or given water for at least 35 hours. The temperatures, below freezing.

On Thursday, the RISPCA confiscated the animals.

"They were hypothermic. We brought them to the SPCA, they are under heat lamps, they have bedding, proper feed and we have separated them."

Nearly ten years ago is when Mackenzie first ran into trouble when Bonniedale Farm's Glocester property was foreclosed on. 

"He left all 136 animals there, no one to care for them," said Dr. Finocchio.

The RISPCA took in the animals and had them all adopted within two days.

Then, in 2013, Mackenzie was charged with neglecting a horse. He was found not guilty. A week later, there was another complaint against him for neglecting a pig.

"In the last few years he's been brought up for charges of animal cruelty, none of them stuck. So I think we have enough evidence here that he has violated animal cruelty laws."

We reached out to the farm for comment but have not recevied a response.

Mackenzie was released Tuesday night. No word yet on when he'll appear in court.

Meanwhile, the RISPCA is searching for a foster farm for the pigs. Contact 1-401-438-8150 (ext. 2) to help.

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