The son of former mobster 'Bobo' Marrapese is being held without bail in an emotional day in court after being accused of killing his ex-girlfriend at her Cranston home Wednesday.

Michael Marrapese was arrested hours after police said they were tipped off by Marrapese's friend.

Prosecutors said that the friend told investigators the 40 year-old killed his ex-girlfriend Lauren Ise.

As the judge ordered Marrapese to be held without bail, the estranged ex-boyfriend appeared to make a gesture toward Ise's family that led to an outburst by Ise's brother, Ryan.

"Junkie coward. You know what time it is," Ise shouted as Marrapese was being escorted out of the court. "That's my sister he did that too."

The judge ordered Ryan Ise to be held in contempt, and was taken away in handcuffs but he was later released.

Outside of court, Ise's mother, Cheryl Palazzo said Marrapese made a threat to the family right in front of the judge.

"[He] said 'you're next' to my son. You're next," Palazzo said. "You got my daughter, now you want my son?"

Palazzo tells ABC 6 that the two broke up just a few weeks before the murder, when Marrapese was arrested. Online court documents show that he was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Just days before the murder, Palazzo said that the warning signs were there and Marrapese was trying to hurt Lauren.

"Banging on her windows telling her he was going to kill her," she said. "So Tuesday, Lauren called the cops and they said there was nothing they can do."

In a press release, Cranston Police said they responded to the home on Bayview Avenue before for domestic incidents and that Lauren was beginning to feel threatened by Marrapese.

One week before the killing on March 6, Marrapese filed a restraining order against Lauren Ise for 'being placed in fear of imminent serious physical harm', and stalking.

In that filing Marrapese wrote a brief summary about why he needed the restraining order.

"I was currently released from the ACI for [two] disorderly conducts that stem from our relationship. [Ise] is showing up at my clinic I go to calling my place of work/etc. [sic]," Marrapese writes. "I need this in place for the safety of the both of us. I just want to move on but she keeps showing up/calling."

Lauren's family believes the justice system failed because Marrapese had a lengthy wrap sheet and was allowed to be free.

"She should not be dead. They should've done their job and kept him," Palazzo said. "So you know what, a whole lot of people killed her."

Just before 5:00 p.m. on the day of the murder, Marrapese's brother, Steven, was arrested on a charge of simple assault for getting into an altercation in the lobby of Cranston Police headquarters.

Steven Marrapese had previously been arrested on February 16 for assault and battery using a knife. Court documents reveal that his victim was Lauren Ise.