By Brittany Comak 


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CRANSTON, R.I. (WLNE) - A black bear is the talk of the town right now, and that town is Cranston.

The bear was spotted ambling around in two different spots on Monday morning

"I'm sure he's trying to drum up a little support for our Bruins in Game 7," said Mayor Allan Fung.

The first spotting happened around 8:30 Monday morning near the playground at Hope Highlands Middle School.

Students and faculty weren't allowed outside for the remainder of the day.

Officials say the bear eventually left the campus.

"I was like oh my god!" said Jaclyn Smith. "Because there's little ones here!" Smith was picking up her granddaughter after school.

The next sighting was about three miles away.

"The dog started barking and I knew just from the sound of his bark that there was something in our backyard," said Monti Crowley, wife of Providence College women's basketball coach Jim Crowley.

Crowley received photos of the bear from a neighbor over a mile away, a little before ten in the morning.

Less than ten minutes later it was in their yard - yanking down their bird feeders.

"He went over to that feeder and ripped that down like it was nothing," said Crowley, surveying the damage. Feasted on that for 20 minutes...Came over to the hummingbird water and pulled that down and took a drink and went on his merry way."

The whole encounter lasted about 20 minutes. She says she was glad they were inside.

"The bird feeders are down and it looks like there's a fence in our future," said Crowley.

Mayor Allan Fung and DEM want to remind residents to take any kind of food out of their yards, because that is what attracts the bears.


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