PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) -- Boston Bruins fans at Snookers Bar in Providence started the night with confidence and optimism.

"Let the game happen, let the best team win," said Adam Perry of Boston. "But it's gonna be the Bruins."

Some even said all Boston sports fans are feeling united right now.

"With everything happening with David Ortiz, I think we got really pumped up about it and the city is really hyped about it," said Ashley Cibotti of Norton. "I think we'll do well."

But then St. Louis scored the first two goals.

"It feels like the energy was sucked from the room," said Esmael Rodrigues of Pawtucket.

But he says, no matter the result tonight, he's still loyal to New England sports.

"That's what I love about being in New England," he said. "You can't lose. You have a bad season in one sport, the other guys pick it up."


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