Injured veteran receives new, wheelchair accessible house from Taunton nonprofit

A Massachusetts veteran who was injured during the War in Afghanistan is getting a new home. 
Sunday, July 14th 2019, 12:33 AM EDT by Ellie Romano
Sunday, July 14th 2019, 12:34 AM EDT


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TAUNTON, MA (WLNE) - A Massachusetts veteran who was injured during the War in Afghanistan is getting a new home. 

Brandon Korona joined the army in 2010. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2013. 

Six months into his deployment, he was injured when a bomb hit the truck he was traveling in.

"We did have a casualty. Our gunner did end up passing away, unfortunately," said Korona.

His leg was severely injured in the incident. He underwent seven surgeries, but still lived in constant pain. 

"Every day I was in physical therapy," said Korona. "We were trying to figure out what could be done for the leg."

In 2017, he decided the best solution was to amputate his lower leg. 

"My quality of life is now everything I wanted it to be and more," said Korona. 

He now has a prosthetic leg that lets him live an active lifestyle. 

However, his two story home is holding him back.

"The limitation of the house we're in right now is stairs, and stairs, and more stairs," said Korona.

"It's tough because if he wants to be out of his leg, then all the responsibilities fall onto me," said Korona's wife Chelsea.

The couple decided to apply to the Taunton based veteran organization Homes for Our Troops. The group builds and donates houses to veterans who were severely injured in combat. 

The Korona's were chosen as one of the recipients of a new home in April.

"When we found out we were getting a new house we had to pick our jaws up off the floor, we were just in awe," said Korona.

"I was just so excited I cried," added Chelsea. 

Their new home will be built in Methuen. It will be completely wheelchair accessible and have 40 adaptations to help Korona get around.

"The house will have wider hallways, roll under sinks, roll under countertops, a roll in shower, and it will be a one level home," said Chris Mitchell, the director of development for Homes for Our Troops.

On top of all of that, the Koronas will get the house for free.

"They will have zero costs," said Mitchell. "Brandon paid for it on the battlefields of Afghanistan. It's our moral obligation to take care of veterans like him."

Korona said he and his wife are still in shock, and are looking forward to moving into their forever home.

The house will be built and ready for move-in by Spring 2021. 

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