PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) -- With a state takeover looming, many Providence parents have lost faith in a broken school system. Many are unsure what this power shift could mean.

"Change is coming. Change can be difficult," said Rhode Island Education Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green.

So just when will that change happen? Infante-Green says well after the start of school. 

"The city is opening up schools. Fran Gallo is there as the interim superintendent. She is responsible for opening up schools so that there is a smooth transition along with the city," said Infante-Green.

While Providence retains control for now, a complicated legal process will be playing out so the state can take the reins.

"I think it's a lengthier process than anyone expected," said Infante-Green.

That means a lot of formalities and paperwork between state and city officials.

If all goes smoothly, Infante-Green says, "It will allow us to come into Providence late October or early November."

The state is planning to make some big changes following a scathing review of the school system.

"We will be putting things in place that will help not just Providence but the entire state, but really looking at some of the issues that were brought up by the Johns Hopkins report," said Infante-Green.

Though it's unclear what will change first, Infante-Green says it will all be for the better.

"The one piece that I want to reiterate to families that are feeling nervous about this or teachers or administrators-this has been a neglected system for a very long time. Please view this as an opportunity, for a chance, for a better place to work, for a better place to go to school, for a better environment, to make this a world-class education," said Infante-Green. "Please don't be nervous."

But for many families feeling left behind by the system, that's easier said than done. Still, Infante-Green is urging parents to trust her.

"What I don't want for my child, I don't want for yours," said Infante-Green.

The first day of school in Providence is just a month away--September 3rd.

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