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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE): Democratic Congressman Jim Langevin is one of the congress members urging the August recess to be canceled after two shootings. 

"This has to stop and as a country, we have to get together and make sure we are doing more," Langevin told ABC6 news. 

Langevin believes congress should cancel the recess until there is legislation to keep guns out of the wrong hands. 

"In February, the House passed a gun control bill to close background check loopholes that exist right now, said Langevin. "If Mitch McConnell called the Senate back in he can pass that legislation." 

Langevin said although he wishes for the recess to be canceled, he does not believe it will happen. 

"I do not think McConnell has any intention at all of passing any legislation on closing any loopholes that the N.R.A. opposes," he said. 

Langevin said not enough is being done and there needs to be universal background checks. 

"It's tragedy after tragedy," Langevin said. "When is this country going to wake up? When is Congress going to wake up and do the right thing? So we can prevent these attacks from happening. 

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