A renewed cry for gun control legislation is sweeping across the country in the wake of two mass shootings over the weekend that killed at least 31 people and injured 50.

On Saturday morning, a gunman walked into an El Paso, Texas Walmart and opened fire killing 21 people, and early Sunday morning a shooter opened fire at a popular bar in downtown Dayton, Ohio killing ten people before being taken out by police a minute after the shooting began.

Now, there's a renewed effort to pass gun control legislation on the federal level.

Gov. Gina Raimondo is one of many calling on Congress to reconvene and pass an all-out ban on assault rifles, like the ones used in the weekend shootings.

"I'm angry and frustrated that we can't get ourselves together to pass the laws that will outlaw these military style weapons and save lives," Raimondo told reporters. "They need to be banned in Rhode Island, they need to be banned at a federal level."

Raimondo going on to say that the weapons have no practical purpose.

"These high capacity assault weapons were created to kill people and kill many people at a time," she said. "You can't use them for recreation. You can't use them for hunting."

But others like Frank Saccoccio, president of the local NRA chapter, Rhode Island Second Amendment Coalition, said it's much more than just weapons that will end the epidemic of violence.

Saccoccio believes it's a question of mental health, as well as a culture of violence in the country.

"It's Hollywood, it's the media, it's the video games," Saccoccio said. "We're losing a sense of family values and basic respect for human life."

Saccoccio also said that having gun-free zones is an invitation for gunmen to open fire on innocent people.

"[Gun-free zones] are very dangerous and every time one is targeted, there is renewed call for us, law abiding citizens, to give up our rights," he said.

Rhode Island's Congressional Delegation is calling on congress to reconvene during recess to pass some type of gun control legislation.

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