By Brittany Comak


Twitter: @BComak@ABC6

WESTPORT, Mass. (WLNE) - Members of the Westport chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America are completely baffled as to why someone would shoot out a window on the bus that they own.

This is unfortunately the second time it's happened this year.

They usually park the bus at the American Legion in a designated space close to the road, but it's now been moved further away.

"We're not sure if we're being targeted because we are veterans, or why we're being targeted, but this is the second incident this year,." said Westport Chapter President Justin Latini.

The first incident happened back in March.

Latini says the damage – both times –appears to be from a BB or pellet gun.

And in both instances, the culprit hit the same window.

"Why would you be shooting our bus windows out? I don't think we've offended anyone being veterans," said Latini.

The group uses the bus to transport the group's honor guard to the funerals of military veterans. Since this happened three weeks ago they've had to go to four funerals with the window blown out.

"It's a little disheartening when you want the bus to look good, you want to make sure that you don't have plastic over your windows, and then you have to explain that there was somebody out there who decided to shoot your windows out," said Latini.

He has a message for whomever is behind this.

"If he was ever apprehended, I would ask the judge to have him come with us to do the military funerals, and see exactly what it is that we do, and how important it is to the families when they lose a veteran," Latini said.

The veterans will now likely raise money to try and install cameras on the property,  but they will need to get approval first as the American Legion is a town building.