SCITUATE. R.I. (WLNE) --Sparks were flying at Thursday night's Scituate town council meeting.

"You work for us, we don't work for you!" said Michelle Fiske to the town council. "I say, no confidence in all of you!"

Residents demanded answers about why the police chief was mysteriously placed on leave for two weeks, and growing outraged when town council members would answer every question with "no comment" -- citing privacy concerns.

Some commended the council for respecting those privacy concerns.

But many others were disturbed by the lack of transparency.

"This is shoddy government, this is amateur hour, and we deserve better than this," said resident Michael Marcello.

Some are also taking issue with the council originally calling an emergency meeting about the chief, saying it created a public panic.

"Was he attacked?" said resident Diana Hopkins. "What was happening with our town? Because if it was against public safety, how were we being impacted? There were the things that people rushed to because we did not know. It's an irresponsible way of handling political business."

Former Town Council President John Mahoney does believe this is all politically motivated.

"A political savage attack on the police chief's character," said Mahoney, "to paint a picture to this community that our police chief is not fit to do his job, lead this department, and so on, for their personal agenda. And that's to put the police chief they want in."

Current Town Council President Brady declined to comment.

Some residents tell ABC6 they are bringing the issue to the state attorney general's attention.



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