By Brittany Comak


Twitter; @BComakABC6

WARREN, R.I (WLNE) - Officials are investigating a fire that completely demolished a home in Warren late Monday morning.

It was around 11 A.M when the fire began to burn on Circuit Drive.

"House was up in flames," described neighbor Jess Jaena.

Witnesses say it took almost an hour and a half to put out the fire.

Fortunately no one was injured.

"Flames higher than the tree tops and big, black plume of smoke," described witness Lis Hood. "Debris is literally falling out of the sky from everywhere."

Some of that debris was carried by the wind to another street and started a small fire at a home there. Fortunately that was put out.

However the lack of fire hydrants in the area greatly hampered the efforts of firefighters.

"I know the neighborhood, I know that there's not hydrants and how close they are and it's always a worry to have a fire here with how close these houses are to each other especially if there's a windy day," said Fire Chief James Sousa.

Some neighbors tell ABC 6 they've been trying to get the town to bring in water to this area for more than 30 years now, and they fear it'll take another disaster to make it happen.

"Think it's something that should be addressed," said resident Karl Senn. "We have no hydrants. And every time there is a fire it goes to the ground."

The Town of Warren has not yet returned ABC 6's request for comment on the issue.

As for the people who lived at the home, neighbors say they plan to support them, just as they have always supported their neighbors.

"They're okay. But it's just sad to see your entire life go up in flames," said Jaena. "The neighborhood comes together and knowing this neighborhood it will. And everyone's going to help out in any way that they can. And you kind of just go from there."