By: Liz Tufts 


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KINGSTON, R.I. (WLNE) - For many seniors who aren’t able to travel or leave their homes because of their health, their daily lives can become very lonely.

For some at a local nursing home, new technology is helping them escape their isolation and at the same time helping to boost their brain activity.

Gloria Corbin is taking a trip to a tropical rain forest. Okay, she's really not, but these virtual reality glasses are taking her to places she's never been before and helping her see life and in a whole new way. “It makes me feel funny because it makes me feel like I'm moving all around, “ says Corbin.

Gloria is one of many residents here at Kingston Center in West Kingston... putting on these glasses to help boost their spirits and their brain activity.

It makes the residents feel like they are really there, some want to go to the beach and they can look around and be there, “ says activities assistant, Amy Alvarado.

It's estimated,  more than two million seniors suffer from some sort of depression. 

Kingston Center is just one of the many nursing homes now introducing virtual reality as a way to get seniors out of their comfort zones or bring them back down memory lane to some of the places they once visited.

We have one woman who can't see well and she put on the glasses and was able to see things like birds and trees and it was a touching moment, “ adds Alvarado.

For Gloria, it's the highlight of her week and she can't wait to take her next virtual trip. You can see a lot of things that's amazing, “ adds Corbin.


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