By: Amanda Pitts


NEWPORT, R.I. (WLNE) - TV personality Jesse James was reunited with his dog Friday after Newport Police found the French bulldog that had been missing for a month.

The dog named "Coco" went missing in mid-July when James was visiting Newport with his wife. He said they searched the property after losing sight of her for just a few minutes, but couldn't find her.

James said the community helped out, by posting signs and searching neighborhoods. Newport Police even went door-to-door in the area Coco was last seen.

"Reality eventually sets in, like, hey a month, a little dog... No one called, no one's seen her. You gotta kind of face the facts like she's probably not coming home," said James.

James was even getting ready to post photos of Coco as a memorial when he got the call from Newport Police.

A dispatcher called him on Wednesday to tell him that Coco had been found. She had apparently fallen through a low basement window, down 6-feet in a narrow window well in a house.

"Somebody said hey there's a strange dog on the property. Despite the weight she had lost, it was pretty apparent that it was Coco," said Officer Matthew Sardinha.

Coco had been stuck there for a month, with no food only rainwater to drink. She lost half her body weight.

"To see her in person how tiny she is, it's like wow that dog went through it. And to survive! She knew I was coming for her!"

Coco was transported to Newport Animal Hospital and then was treated at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists.

Jesse James and Coco are now on their way back home to Texas.

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