By: Amanda Pitts


WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) - Two dogs were shot and killed by a Warwick Police officer Thursday morning after the officer said they showed aggression and charged at him.

Police say they responded to the CVS on Buttonwoods Avenue after three large dogs were reported roaming loose and appeared to be aggressive, one, biting someone at that location.

The dogs were soon located in the Keeley Avenue area by Officer Jeremy Smith, a 5-year veteran of the department and Warwick Animal Control officer.

Warwick Police say two of the three dogs charged at Smith as he was retrieving tools to take custody of the dogs.

"As Officer Smith attempted to retreat to his police vehicle, the dogs charged at him at which point he feared for his safety and discharged his firearm in an attempt to stop the imminent attack," the press release reads.

The dogs' owner, Tiffany Fletcher, tells ABC6 her dogs have never shown aggression before.

"I've never had a problem, they've never bit anybody, they love my kids... they're so gentle. My kids used to pull their tails and their ears," said Fletcher.

She said the dogs, named Mia and Peanut, were visiting with her mom in Warwick.

"My mom called me on my way to work and told me they were shot. It's just that I can't believe it happened. I still don't believe it happened."

She said she doesn't blame the officer but wants to know why such force was used.

"They were good dogs. And I don't completely blame the officers. I've always been for the police, they are good people... But I don't know why they did it. I want to know why."

The dogs died at the scene, the third fled but was later found.

Warwick Police continues to investigate the incident and will be conducting an internal review.

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