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PROVIDENCE, R.I (WLNE) - The Providence Police department is investigating a murder-suicide after a man with a history of criminal domestic violence, killed his estranged wife and then himself from over the weekend. 

Police say the shooting happened just after 3:00 p.m. on Saturday in the 400 block of Charles Street.

Police identified the victim as 48-year-old Berta Hudson and the suspect responsible was her estranged husband 50-year-old Oscar Hudson.

After Hudson shot his wife, he fled into a nearby home, according to police. 

The Providence Police Special Response Team was called in and used a flash-bang grenade to gain entry into the apartment he was in.

When police entered the home, they found that Hudson had taken his own life.

Hudson was charged with and found guilty of domestic violence back in July and had a protective order against him. 

Providence Police are now looking into how Hudson was able to acquire the gun that took both his and Berta Hudson's life because, under state law, guns are not supposed to be taken away from domestic abusers. 

The Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence (RICADV) put out a statement, looking for answers regarding the incident. 

"Berta's family, friends, and the community deserve to know: How did Oscar have access to a firearm, despite having a domestic violence history? This murder os the fourth domestic violence homicide in Rhode Island this year." 


Providence police have a suspect in custody following a shooting on Charles Street, on Saturday afternoon. 

Police were seen searching the 400 Block for the suspect. 


Armored Police were seen in the area setting up a perimeter in the area earlier. 


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